• Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Alucobond Panels by Keith Panel Systems
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed 250,000 sq. ft. of Floor Deck, Shear Studs, Edge Form, and 200,000 sq. ft. of Roof Decking
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. installed Keith Panel System' Alucobond Panels and Centria's Concept Series Corrugated Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Stainless Steel Corrugated Metal Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. installed Centria's Formawall Dimension Series Panels and SAPA Aluminum Plate Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Composite Aluminum Panels by Keith Panel Systems With Addition to Dimension Series and Profile Metal Panels by Centria
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Clad This Canopy With California Sheet Reynobond Panel Wet Seal System.
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. installed 40,000 sq. ft. of Centria Formawall Dimension Series Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. offers solar controls for every situation from cantilevered louvers to complex perforated metal panels of all shapes and sizes.
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Keith Panel System' System A Plus Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Panels fabricated by Keith Panels, System A plus. Other panels are fabricated by Centria; Econolap, Style rib, and Dimension Series foam panels.

Lean Construction

Lean construction is an adaptation of lean manufacturing, where core philosophies remain the same but are implemented in different fashions. The goal of lean construction is to eliminate waste and produce buildings with the highest possible value at minimum cost. Lean construction emphasizes a high degree of collaboration between contractor, owner, architect, supplier and engineer to eliminate problems that will result in costly delays downstream. Standardizing product installation is the key to increasing productivity and quality. Most importantly, an atmosphere of learning and continuous improvement must be created.

For Pacific Erectors, Inc,, lean construction is not just a new buzzword in the industry, it is a way of business that we use to differentiate ourselves from other contractors. Pacific Erectors, Inc. is committed to the continuous search and development of practices to reduce costs and improve quality. This is complimented by our relationship with manufacturers like CENTRIA Architectural Systems and Keith Panel Systems who provide high quality, pre-engineered systems for reductions in field labor. From our general superintendent to our youngest apprentice, we take advantage of numerous training programs and are constantly evaluating field practices to determine the most efficient installation techniques. Pacific Erectors, Inc. is one of the leaders in our industry in safety, quality, management and continuously strives to improve our process.