Ombrae Wall Panels By Keith Panel Systems


Ombrae wall panel systems by Keith Panel Systems, sold and installed by Pacific Erectors, Inc.Using computer digital processing and state of the art CNC
manufacturing, the Ombrae System creates three
dimensional pixels – Optical Tiles™. An Optical Tile reflects
finely controlled values of light and thus generates an output
that cannot only recreate the original source in a selected
material, but does so in a way that adds an enhanced and
dynamic 3D effect to the original source input.
There are no traditional photographic materials or processes
involved; no paint, laminated layers, printed dies or inks-
“the material is the image – the image is the material.”
Ombrae Studios and QMAAS have partnered with KPS to
introduce Ombrae’s Solar Control ™ a metal cladding product
for the architectural industry that is completely new to the
Not only will KPS be able to create dynamic artistic displays
using geometric or organic patterns, images or custom
designs of any kind; they will be able to apply the Ombrae
Solar Control aspect to their Ombrae product offering and
enhancing its strategic and technical value. This addition to
the already stunning artistic design capabilities of Ombrae
will bring an uparalleled technical sophistication and beauty
to this one of a kind technology; giving architects and
designers a tool that will allow them to think fully inside and
outside the box.
This technology can be applied to a variety of architectural
facade features, particularly as screen-walls that function as
effective solar controls.

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