Building Green

  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Panels fabricated by Keith Panels, System A plus. Other panels are fabricated by Centria; Econolap, Style rib, and Dimension Series foam panels.
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Keith Panel System' System A Plus Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. installed 40,000 sq. ft. of Centria Formawall Dimension Series Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. offers solar controls for every situation from cantilevered louvers to complex perforated metal panels of all shapes and sizes.
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. installed Centria's Formawall Dimension Series Panels and SAPA Aluminum Plate Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Clad This Canopy With California Sheet Reynobond Panel Wet Seal System.
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Stainless Steel Corrugated Metal Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Composite Aluminum Panels by Keith Panel Systems With Addition to Dimension Series and Profile Metal Panels by Centria
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed 250,000 sq. ft. of Floor Deck, Shear Studs, Edge Form, and 200,000 sq. ft. of Roof Decking
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. installed Keith Panel System' Alucobond Panels and Centria's Concept Series Corrugated Panels
  • Pacific Erectors, Inc. Installed Alucobond Panels by Keith Panel Systems


Pacific Erectors, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources while creating functionally pleasant public and private spaces for all to enjoy. Since opening our doors in 1989, Pacific Erectors, Inc. has been practicing sustainable construction and recently has been offering our expertise on numerous projects during the pre-construction phase to help achieve LEED certification.

Pacific Erectors, Inc. furnished and installed the metal deck on 555 Mission Street in San Francisco, the first LEED Gold certified office building in the city. Metal deck utilizes up to 70% recycled material, has a long life span and excellent durability to minimize its life cycle cost. LEED credits can be earned from its high recycled content and use of regional materials.

Pacific Erectors, Inc. also furnished and installed over 40,000 square feet of CENTRIA Formawall Dimension Series panels for The Center for Water Education & Western Center in Hemet, California, which was designed and built LEED Platinum certified. CENTRIA Formawall Dimension Series panels were the first enclosure product in our industry to obtain a Cradle to Cradle certification and can provide LEED credits from innovation in design as well as superior thermal performance, high recycled content and use of low VOC materials.

Being one of the larger specialty subcontractors in Northern California, Pacific Erectors, Inc. strives to be a leader and innovator. Lean construction practices such as “just in time”, “continuous work flow”, and “visual quality control” are just some of the tools that we have implemented. Working “Lean” allows us to accelerate schedules, decrease costs and improve quality. It is our goal to deliver your project on time and on budget while limiting our carbon footprint and conserving our world for future generations.